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New registration system fact sheet

The Office of Sport is developing an improved Combat Sports Authority registration system.

The system will replace the current Ringside Online system and will be introduced in a number of phases with each phase incorporating additional enhancements and capabilities.  

Benefits of the new registration system 

  • A single account to apply for and manage all registration classes. 
  • Improved user experience and functionality.
  • The system will generate notifications to help users keep track of all registration requirements such as registration, and medical document expiry dates (e.g.  serology clearances and certificates of fitness).
  • The system will be securely available anywhere, at any time, including from mobile devices.
  • Online applications and payments for registration classes, replacement Medical Record Books and Industry Participant identity cards.

Launch date

Details on the launch date for the the new combat sports registration system will be provider closer to the go-live date.  

Temporary shutdown period

The current Ringside Online registration system will be shut down to allow time for the migration of records. 

During the shutdown period it will not be possible to apply for registration classes or upload certificates of fitness and serological clearances online. A temporary process will be in place during this period, however we encourage applicants to submit all documents prior to the shutdown period. 

Migration of records to the new system

Registration details held in the current version of Ringside Online will be migrated into the new system. Details on the new registration system and information on how to access your new account will be provided closer to the launch date.

In preparation for the launch, the NSW Office of Sport will contact registered persons that have more than one account in the current Ringside Online system to confirm the details required to merge accounts in the new system.  

Please contact the Office of Sport Regulation Unit on 13 13 02 or if you need to update your details before the new system is introduced.

More information

View the new registration system FAQs for further information. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Sport Regulation Unit on 13 13 02 or