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Registration of industry participants

Registration fees

The fees payable for an application for registration under the Combat Sports Act 2013 are prescribed in the Combat Sports Regulation 2014 and set out below.

  • Promoter, manager or matchmaker: $480
  • Judge, referee, timekeeper, trainer or second:$100


Registration requirements

Pathways for professional officials

Code of Conduct

Conditions of registration

Proving Identity - Combatants, Trainers & Ring Officials

Proving Identity - Promoters, Managers & Matchmakers


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An individual must not carry out an activity as an industry participant unless registered in the class applicable to the activity unless otherwise exempted. For details of the exemptions please contact us.

An industry participant means any of the following persons, whether or not they are employed or engaged on a full-time basis and whether or not they receive payment or other consideration for the activity concerned:

  • an individual who acts on behalf of a promoter to arrange combat sport contests between particular combatants (a match-maker)
  • an individual who undertakes to represent the interests of a combatant in procuring the engagement of the combatant as a contestant in a combat sport contest or who directs or controls the combat sport activities of any combatant (a manager)
  • an individual who supervises the training or instruction of a combatant or who accompanies a combatant into or onto the contest area to give advice or assistance during a combat sport contest (a trainer)
  • an individual who assists a combatant as advised by a trainer and who assists a trainer in the preparation of combatants (a second)
  • an individual who determines the points scored by each combatant in a combat sport contest (a judge)
  • an individual who enforces the rules relating to a combat sport during the combat sport contest (a referee)
  • an individual who regulates the number and length of rounds, and the interval between rounds, of a combat sport contest (a timekeeper).