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Who must be registered with the Combat Sports Authority

  • Combatants - A person must not engage in a combat sport contest as a combatant unless the person is registered as a combatant of the registration class applicable to that contest.
  • Industry Participants - An individual must not carry out an activity as an industry participant unless the individual is registered as an industry participant of the registration class applicable to that activity.
  • Promoters - An individual must not arrange a combat sport contest unless the individual is registered as a promoter of the registration class applicable to that contest.

All registrations remain current for 3 years unless suspended or cancelled sooner.

Notice to promoters, managers and matchmakers seeking registration

Persons registering as a promoter or as an industry participant in the class of manager and/or matchmaker require a security determination to be made by the Commissioner of Police. Please note:

  • If an adverse security determination is made about you, the Combat Sports Authority is not able to register you as a promoter, manager or matchmaker. The Combat Sports Authority may also not register you as a trainer, second, judge, referee and time keeper.
  • Security determinations can take some time to be processed. The Combat Sports Authority strongly recommends that you await confirmation of your promoter registration before commencing preparations for the holding of contests. Should you commence preparations prior to your registration being issued, you are responsible for any costs incurred should the Combat Sports Authority not be able to issue you a permit due to your registration not being finalised by the date of the proposed contest.