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Permits and applications received

This page was last updated on 26 July 2017.

Sport/Discipline Venue Date of contest Time Promoter Name Sanctioning Body Application for permit made Type of event (Amateur, Professional) Permit Issued
BOX Royal Randwick Racecourse 28/07/2017 6:00pm Gareth Eden-Styche League Boxing 3/02/2017 AM Yes
BOX Whitlam Leisure Centre 29/07/2017 6:00pm Hassan El-Achrafi League Boxing 12/05/2017 AM Yes
BOX Indoor Sports Centre, Kincumber 29/07/2017 6:00pm Tom Lambert BANSW 31/05/2017 AM Yes
BOX Lake Macquarie PCYC 29/07/2017 6:00pm Paul Covi BANSW 19/06/2017 AM Yes
BOX South Sydney Juniors Football Club 2/08/2017 6:00pm Angelo Dymock League Boxing 20/06/2017 AM  
BOX North Sydney Leagues Club 4/08/2017 5:30pm Astrid van der Sluys BANSW 22/03/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX South West Rocks Country Club 5/08/2017 6:30pm Dean Groth BANSW 06/02/2017 AM Yes
BOX The Cube, Campbelltown Catholic Club 5/08/2017 6:30pm Paul Druce BANSW 4/05/2017 AM Yes
KB/MT/TB/MMA The Beachcomber Hotel 5/08/2017 6:00pm Tim Drury MASA 22/05/2017 AM Yes
BOX Casino RSM Club 5/08/2017 6:00pm Ken Whitton League Boxing 4/07/2017 AM Yes
BOX Raymond Terrace Bowling Club 12/08/2017 7:30pm Peter Hallett League Boxing 30/06/2017 AM Yes
MMA Whitlam Leisure Centre 12/08/2017 5:00pm Suman Mokhtarian MASA 29/06/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Club Punchbowl 13/08/2017 1:00pm Michael Fawcett BANSW 30/06/2017 AM  
BOX Condong Bowling Club 19/08/2017 7:00pm Stuart Stone League Boxing 7/07/2017 AM  
BOX Bondi Junction RSL Club 19/08/2017 7:00pm Maydad Ronen League Boxing 26/05/2017 AM Yes
BOX Dapto Ribbonwood Centre 19/08/2017 5:30pm James Grech BANSW 8/06/2017 AM  
BOX/KB/MT/TB/MMA Hurstville Entertainment Centre 25/08/2017 7:45pm John Ioannou MASA 20/07/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Marconi Club 26/08/2017 5:00pm Alfred Davies League Boxing 29/06/2017 PRO/AM  
MMA North Sydney Leagues Club 26/08/2017 6:30pm Craig Jehn IWKBF 24/07/2017 AM  
BOX Club Punchbowl 1/09/2017 6:00pm Paul Nasari League Boxing 12/07/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Wauchope RSL Club 16/09/2017 6:30pm Dean Groth BANSW 11/05/2017 AM  
BOX Ramsgate RSL Club 23/09/2017 7:45pm James White League Boxing 22/06/2017 AM  
BOX Dee Why RSL Club 23/09/2017 4:30pm Astrid van der Sluys BANSW 21/03/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Easts Leagues Club, Bondi Junction 6/10/2017 7:00pm Michael Isgro BANSW 22/06/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Mulwala RSL Club 22/10/2017 6:30pm Kara Tremain League Boxing 09/06/2017 AM  
MMA Big Top, Luna Park 28/10/2017 7:00pm Kya Pate TBA 29/03/2017 PRO/AM  
BOX Carriage Works, Eveleigh 18/11/2017 6:00pm Alfred Davies League Boxing 03/05/2017 AM  
BOX Dee Why RSL Club 24/11/2017 4:30pm Astrid van der Sluys BANSW 21/03/2017 PRO/AM